CMP Initiative


·        Internet is being used by the teachers for lesson plans and teaching.

·        PPT presentation are being prepared and shown to the children by the Teachers.

·        TLM is being prepared and used as and when needed.

·        The Principal of the Vidyalaya is observing the classes on regular basis.

·        CCA activities are conducted in block periods.

  Library books are being used in Library periods.




CMP Initiatives (Class I to V) of the Vidyalaya




Initiative ( Establish a link with each of the entries underneath to give more insight into the initiative)

Class and subject

Learning objective initially envisaged

Learning objective realized or not

Name of the teacher in-charge along with designation


 LCD Projector- Many lesson plans brought back by trained teachers were loaded and made use of by others.

Class I – School Readiness

Class V - EVS

 Under the school Readiness Programme to do away with the hesitation of the child who comes across a new environment for the first time.

 The Parents and children of class one were happy to send their wards come to school.



T.V – used to show movies (Ganesha ,Tare Jameen Par ,Jai Hamuman)

C.D on children’s


To make the basic concepts clear

The slow learners showed a light improvement



Digital Duplicator – Projects for display board and personal use of the teachers

ClassI–Worksheetson English,Maths,EVS

Class V – EVS Projects

To give further detailed information on certain topics.

Participation of the learners showed a marked improvement.



Desktop (With Broad Band Connectivity)

For developing the lesson plans and projects for different subjects

Topics related to the subject taught by teacher


To create interest of the slow learners in different activities

Bright Students were given some extra work and were made “group incharge  for group activities – to develop the spirit of co-operation and sharing



Transparency – To make the topics interesting and clarify the topics

Class V –Maths

Grammer Exercises

To make the children practice particularly in Maths and languages




T.L.M – Different Projects and assignment developed for teacher’s personal use for activity during classroom teaching

Flashcards,picture,stories,activities ,models,cassettes,cutouts,blocks, plasticineboards,geometry box,toys

To evaluate the children




Library- Story books and activity books,Dictionaries, encyclopidia’s for resource.

Class Room Library from III -- V





New CMP Activities




Class and Subject

Learning objective initially envisaged

Learning objective realized or not

Name of the teacher in-charge along with designation

1 Rhymes and Songs



Rhymes & songs on audio C.D.    


Clean liners our festivals





Exercises on good habits. Names of festivals and celebration (L.C.D Projector)

Discovering facts, observing and identifying skills developed
3 Balancing weights shown to the students, different objects shown to them related to the ch. Halves and quarters like apples,lemons etc. showing them the cut portions (1/2 and ¼) IVA Maths  


Through experiment

Understanding basic concepts about halves and quarters.


Forward counting skill and estimation skill developed
4 Role play done by the students, of ch.9. Elder brother charts, mythical books shown to them related to brother-sister etc. relationship.




  To be able to understand the story and learn rhymes and poems. YES


Pictures related to seasons and flash cards of names of days and months.


I B EVS   To be able to recognize the seasons and things used in them. YES
 6 Power Point Presentation for different teaching points. V,II(MATHS)  

To be able to understand the concept of Fraction.

To converse about the topic and concepts.


the students are are sharing and applying their school experiences in their daily life.


Report For Strengthening of CMP


Lessons are being prepared on power points and shown to the children as per schedule.

 Internet connection and Computers are being used for lesson presentation and download information.

 Films are being shown to children and order has been placed for CDs and VCDs with CFSI. The Children of class I- class V  have been taken out for educational excursion nature walks are taken where the children observe nature as well as carry out activities in the open.

D.D. Machine is being used to print worksheets. T.L.M. is being prepared by teachers as well as by the children for activities. Parents Teachers meeting is being

 held on monthly basis.

 Teachers are using their website accounts to share information classroom teaching is being supervised on a regular basis.